Still Spirits Turbo Yeast

Turbo Yeast

Manufacturer's Description

The Still Spirits range of products has everything you will need to make premium quality spirits, schnapps and liqueurs in your own home.

The Still Spirits range will help you make alcohol that is as clean and fresh tasting as possible. Turbo Sugar and Turbo Carbon are formulated to eliminate unwanted by-products as they are produced. Turbo Clear helps you remove solid particles from your spirit and the carbon products will enable you to remove all unwanted by-products that affect the taste and smell of your spirit.

Each of the Turbo yeasts in the Still Spirits range is unique and has been designed to perform outstandingly under different conditions so that you can select exactly the right yeast for your specific needs.

Classic ... Best all rounder, great results in any climate
Triple Distilled ... The ultimate alcohol quality!
Power ... Extreme high alcohol yield
Express ... High speed fermentation
Heat Wave ... Brilliant results in a hot climateBrilliant results in a hot climate

How We See It

Hands down this is the best Turbo we've seen. The Still Spirits system includes a range of turbo yeasts, clarifiers, purifiers and equipment that is unsurpassed. These are the best products to use if you want ot make consistent clean tasting alcohol.

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