Buon Vino Super Jet Wine Filter

super jet wine filter

Manufacturer's Description

The Buon Vino Super Jet filter is ideal for clarifying your wine, giving it the brilliance and sparkle that previously was only achieved in commercial wines. The Buon Vino Super Jet is a professional advancement in home wine making made easy.

The Buon Vino Super Jet filter has been designed with ease and quality in mind. Wine is drawn by means of a self-prime pump into the plastic filtering plates which house the filter pads. The specially designed grooves on the plastic filtering plates direct the wine through the filter pads, allowing the unit to achieve optimum filtering capability.

Ideal for the home wine makers who make wine from grapes, berries or fresh juice and produces 40Gal - plus per year.

Technical Specifications:

How We See It

The Buon Vino Super Jet filter is the big brother of the Mini Jet filter. It's a real work horse and a great filter for the more serious wine maker who make larger batches of wine. This is a semi commercial wine filter and could be used in a small craft wine operation.

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