Winexpert Selection Wine Kits

Selection Wine Kit

Manufacturer's Description

The world's first 15 litre premium winemaking kit, and still setting the quality standard. Containing 15 litres of 100% pure varietal grape juice and juice concentrate, this superb product combines simplicity and predictable results in a kit which yields wine of great flavour, aroma and complexity.

Selection continues to break new ground in the home winemaking industry - expect unsurpassed, consistent high quality results from the industry's leading premium product.

Following in the tradition established by Selection, our Selection International Wine Series offers the same grape juice/concentrate composition and the same finished quality, yet the source of grape supply comes from the great wine producing nations outside of North America.

Winexpert has taken great care to bring in the finest the world has to offer, for wines that showcase the distinct styles that have made each region famous.

Selection Limited Edition is the pride of Winexpert's six week product line, now packaged in a 16 litre format.

This collection of five special wines is released one each month beginning every January. These immensely popular wines - available only during their respective months - traditionally sell out quickly and pre-registration is strongly advised. The annual program offerings are announced in the fall.

How We See It

Selection is undoubtably one of the best premium wine kits on the market today. All you have to do is look at the impressive list of award-winning wines that Selections kits have produced.

We highly recommend these kits to any serious winemaker.

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