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Still Spirits

Manufacturer's Description

Top Shelf Spirit Additives offer the home distiller a range of options for customising and perfecting their spirits.

The range includes tinting agents, smoothing agents, defoaming agents and Oak Extract (for oak aging spirits).

Still Spirits Top Shelf Classic range essences are the world’s best. Each sachet contains the essential oils required to emulate some of the finest spirits available in the world.

The unique concept of providing this flavour range in sachets means there is absolutely no compromise to quality as is occasionally the case when trying to fit them into a small bottle. Classic essences flavour 2.25 Litres (4.75 US Pints) or 3 x 750 ml (3 x 26oz) bottles.

Making Still Spirits liqueurs is as simple as mixing your flavour matched Liqueur Base Pack with alcohol, water and your liqueur essence.

Still Spirits offers a full range of liqueurs in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs. They are not exact copies, but if you like the original you will undoubtedly like our offering. Each liqueur varies with thickness and sweetness and is flavour matched to one of three Liqueur Base Packs.

Still Spirits Top Shelf Essences are beautifully presented in 50ml bottles that are labelled individually to hint at the commercial spirit they emulate. There is a complete range of spirit essences to fill your liquor cabinet. Each bottle of essence makes 2.25 Litres (4.75 US Pints) or 3 x 750 ml (3 x 26oz) bottles.

Still Spirits Schnapps can be enjoyed straight up in shot glasses or served over ice with lemonade. They’re also wonderful combined with bubbly! Schnapps are also perfect in desert recipes and make lovely ice-cream toppings.

No evening entertaining is complete without a bottle of Still Spirits Cream Liqueur. We have a wide range available to satisfy any taste. Cream Liqueurs are extremely easy to make - simply add the Still Spirits Cream Liqueur Base to any alcohol that is required on the essence label, and then top up with water.

Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Base Packs are the perfect complement to the Top Shelf Liqueurs essence range. Simply select the matched base pack as indicated on each essence bottle.

How We See It

We carry the full line of Still Spirits eguipment, flavouring and supplies. We're very happy with the quality of this product. After trying several different products these essences are the best we have found and the most popular with our customers.

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