RJ Spagnols Cru Select Wine Kits

Cru Select Wine Kit

Manufacturer's Description

From the full-bodied and robust, to the soft and refined, Cru Select wines are a delightful dinner companion and a real treasure for wine enthusiasts looking to complete their personal cellar.

Our 16-litre Cru Select Gold and Platinum wine kits are made to exacting standards-with pure varietal grape juice in addition to European and Australian grape concentrates (no sugar is added or required)! Many of our wine kits include toasted oak chips, to impart rich, succulent shades of oak and smokey vanilla. The result is superb wine you will be delighted to share with friends and family.

We offer a diverse collection of 16 White and 15 Red premium varieties from around the world-from the noble Chardonnay to the alluring Amarone-you'll discover all Cru Select wines have just the right body, flavour, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

How We See It

Cru Select is our number one selling premium wine kit. RJ Spagnols has done a terrific job in making Cru Select one of the best wine kits available on the market today. RJ Spagnols is a subsidiary of Vincor International which is one of North America's largest wineries. Vincor's vast experience and resources are one of the main reasons why Cru Select wine kits are a leader in the market.

Cru Select wine kits have won numerous medals and awards in wine competitions. We have entered wines made from Cru Select kits in commercial tastings and they have done very well, a lot of times scoring much better than commercial wines. The Cru Select range of wine kits also includes the Restricted Quantities (RQ) release. This is a series of outstanding wine kits that are released during the first four months of each year. The RQ wine kits are produced in limited quantities and are available by special order. Sourced from some of the world's greatest wine regions, this is Spagnols' flag ship wine kit. They take great pride in producing this elite wine kit and it shows in the finished product. RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantities Cru Select wine kits are perennial winners in wine competitions.

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