Coopers Australian Beer Kits

Manufacturer's Description

"We are now in the brewing industry"....

So wrote Thomas Cooper to his brother John in England, after establishing his brewing business in the new colony of South Australia in 1862. It was, indeed, a matter-of-fact announcement of a very bold decision to turn his back on a secure job as a stone mason. South Australia was only 26 years old, times were tough in the brewing industry with a number of large, highly competitive breweries already established. But Thomas Cooper was a born entrepreneur with barrels of energy, purpose and vision.


He discovered his talent as a brewer by accident when his wife asked him to brew up a batch of ale from an old family recipe to help cure an illness. Word quickly spread and he soon found himself brewing the now world-famous Coopers Sparkling Ale and Extra Stout for a growing band of loyal customers.

So goes the history of Cooper's Brewery. Coopers are not only the makers of world famous beer but they are also one of the few breweries that manufacture beer kits. Coopers Australian beer kits are recognized the world over for there quality and distinct character. We highly recommend Coopers home brew kits.

How We See It

The world's best selling beer kit. Coopers is reknowned for its quality. Coopers comes in a full range of beer kits that includes aggressive Aussie style beer kits as well as a wide range of international beer kits. This ubiquitous kit has been a favourite for decades and is one of the few kits made by an actual brewery.

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