Super Automatic Bottle Filler

auto bottle filler

Manufacturer's Description

The Buon Vino Super Automatic Bottle Filler allows for quick and easy filling of wine bottles for the home winemaker. Our bottle filler is easily primed and is self-leveling and self-deactivating to help prevent accidental over-flow. The specially designed tapered tip cascades wine into the bottle. In order to fill additional bottles, you need simply remove the automatic filler from the first bottle and place it into the next, pushing down on the activation lever to continue the wine flow.

How We See It

This is quite a nifty gadget. There's a little bit of a learning curve to get it set up but if you read and follow the instructions you should have no problem. The thing we like about the automatic bottle filler is that if you get distracted there is no worry about overflowing as the flow will stop when the bottle is full. It also shuts off automatically at the right level for corking. This is a great bottle filler especially if you're working by yourself.

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